About Us

Clark familyWe’re the Clark family and we have ambitions to rightsize our lives and become a full time family! Our aim is to be together 24/7 for work, play, learning, life.

We also hope to travel more often and more broadly while maintaining a comfortable and affordable base in the Midwest USA. We purchased a repossessed home in 2013, remodeled it, and sold it in 2017.

This site is where we discuss our attempts to make it all happen!


Main breadwinner, employed as a programmer. Keen mushroom hunter. Show watcher. Entrepreneur. Follower of music charts.


Wannabe world traveler, gamer, does yoga and loves sailing, baking, hand sewing, Asian dramas and UK soaps! Quit her job in 2012 and now does freelance work under the Weno Webdesign moniker.


Twelve years old and loves all things Nintendo. He’s got a youtube channel, instagram account, twitter, and Amazon affiliate store selling Mario themed plushes. Very creative. Constantly coming up with new video and game ideas. He also loves swimming, sewing, sailing, pretend, and especially playing video games.

We home educate and could be called unschoolers/worldschoolers/life learners/self directed learners, autodidacts, etc. We believe you learn through everything in life and we try to use the whole world as our school. We’re also vegans.

Want to know how we got started down this path?

This is the post to start with – In the beginning…

And this one talks about Mom’s lifelong interest in travel and the specific moment we made the decision to to travel this path – That specific moment

Wondering what right-sizing is all about?

Here’s a post that explains the term, as well as what it means to us and why we chose to use it for our blog.  – Right-Sizing