PWS Family Summit – Fall 2019

This past week kiddo and I attended the Project World School Family Summit in Granada, Spain! We got to hang out with other traveling families to learn more about what they do and where they go and compare notes. There was a kid’s camp for littles, teen activities, plus seminars and discussions. We saw a few of the same people as in years past but met lots of new ones as well, some of which we’ll almost certainly bump into again elsewhere in the world!

The summit was interesting as always with lots of thought provoking speakers. We both enjoyed ourselves and made new friends, but was also SO valuable to me in another way this time as well. For the first time I feel like I have a somewhat clear direction on where I want to go next from a professional perspective! I won’t say much more about that for now, but I came home excited and full of ideas after feeling stuck in the same place for quite some time!!!

Producers Lainie and Miro have hit the sweet spot between providing some structure to the event, while allowing things to naturally flow and take shape as the week progresses. The vast majority of speakers come from within the worldschooling community and speak about related topics such as travel, working online, and homeschooling.

This was the third PWS summit that we’ve attended and I would recommend them to most people, but especially those that are looking for connection and are comfortable coming in with an open mind and relaxing into the week without expectations of perfection or slick presentations and structure. (This is not that kind of conference!)

For those that might be interested in going, the next one is in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in March 2020. (We’re planning on attending!) Find out more on the related Facebook group or at

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