Missing our exercise

It’s been just over a week, and we’re greatly missing our exercise!

For the duration of our trip we had been walking about 20km+ a week as part of our regular daily routines. That was not including big planned walks or hikes, just walking to/from the shops, to visit places and see things, to play Pokemon Go, etc. Now, after the first week home, we’ve walked <3km in total.

This is not the first time we’ve experienced this. Every time we travel we all get more exercise, feel healthier and naturally slim down, even without necessarily eating better. It’s so frustrating that our lives at our home base are just not set up to incorporate exercise.

In part this is because it’s Winter here. Even if we did want to bundle up and deal with the cold (which we don’t, really!), there is nothing around for us to walk to. Our neighborhood is not connected to anywhere we need to go on a regular basis, nor is public transport an option here. We can (and sometimes do) walk for exercise, but it’s not the same as having consistent, functional exercise built into your day.

I’m currently debating joining the YMCA or a gym while feeling irritated that I’m basically going to have to pay to do something that I’ve been doing for months for free!

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