Items stolen from luggage

Do you remember how I said in a previous post that one bag didn’t arrive with us and we were told it was sent on a later flight?  Well it was eventually delivered later that night, like 10pm or so, but it took us a day or two to realize that several items were missing from the suitcase!

First we wondered where some headphones were. My husband couldn’t find his manicure set. Then an insulated water bottle. Some zinc lozenges. They were all things that I had moved into the suitcase from our carry on bags to save on weight. We could have fit them in, but since we still had plenty of room in our one checked bag, I decided we might as well redistribute. Turns out that was a mistake!

This is the first time we’ve ever had anything taken from our luggage or been robbed in any way. It’s not a good feeling to know someone had been through our stuff.

There’s no way for us to know when during the transportation process that it happened. It could have been at any of the three airports or in transit to our condo.  United suggested we fill out a PDF form and file it within a week, or call a long distance, USA based number to report it. Yeah, not going to happen.

Thankfully none of the items were expensive or precious. Still, they’ll need to be replaced. This makes me even less inclined to check bags in future!


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