Is it broken?

Me lastimé el pie! Swollen, red, warm, painful and bruised!  Guess a trip to the doctor is in order!

My foot and ankle was looking a lot worse this morning so I decided a trip to the doctor was necessary to rule out a break. This time we’re staying in the Centro area, so it was easy for me to get back to the same International Clinic that we had gone to previously for our ear infections.

The doctor took one look at my foot without me even going into the exam room and said I’d definitely need x-rays, but that their machine was broken. She called somewhere else on my behalf and then gave me an order to go have x-rays there, a few blocks back in the other direction from our condo.

I took it slowly, but even so within an hour I had arrived at Laclicsa Laboratorios, paid ($30), got the x-rays, and walked back to the clinic with them. The doctor reviewed them and told me the good news — no break! Just a soft tissue injury.  She prescribed some meds and a support wrap. I paid the medical center ($30) and then walked to the pharmacy to get those items ($5) and back to the condo, a lot of walking for an injured foot!

Even though it looks bad, it’s not that painful, so I have to be careful not to overdo it. That’s hard to do when we’re excited to be back and eager to get moving! We got invited to go with some families to a cenote this morning and would really have loved to go, but I’m trying to be careful not to cause myself a more permanent injury.

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