New Year, new adventures!

Happy New Year!

We’ve got a lot of fun trips planned for 2017 already, and we’re all quite excited about it!  As of right now, our plans include the following:

February – Chicago, IL area for the Unschoolers Platform conference, where I’m leading a discussion on worldschooling!

March – Playa del Carmen, MX

April – Merida, MX for the Project World School Family Summit

May – Sandusky, OH for the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering, our 5th year attending!

We’re also in the process of planning an open-ended trip to the UK and beyond, hopefully beginning in June!  When exactly we go, how long we stay, etc. depends on some other big plans that are also in the works. (More details soon.)

I hope your 2017 will also be filled with new adventures, at home or further afield!

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