Swim while the sun shines!


Lesson learned. Swim while the sun shines!

Kiddo set a goal to swim every day on this trip. Most days that’s been no problem, but yesterday was an exception. Even though it’s the rainy season here, so far that’s meant the occasional shower or even brief downpour like the one that left us soaking last week. But yesterday it poured allllll afternoon, and it wasn’t just rain (which we’ve swam in before) but thunderstorms too! There was also a lot of flash flooding and the street outside had several inches of water. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but it also wasn’t taken during the worst of it.

We finally found about 10 minutes in between storms where we were able to quickly jump in before it started thundering again. Too bad I hadn’t listened when kiddo had wanted to swim earlier in the day when it was sunny and nice as it would have been much more pleasant! Today we’re doing it early just to make sure we get it done before Halloween festivities tonight. We’ve got plans with friends!

I’m sure at this point the neighbors think we are crazy. I looked up a few words to help me be able to articulate why we are doing what we are doing if I ever get the chance, something like “Su objetivo es nadar todos los dias mientras estamos aqui. Toooooodos los dias.”

BTW, notice the cool caterpillar topiary in the pic above?

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