We’re here!

We’ve arrived in Mexico!  The travel was all good, but things have been tough because we’re sooooo tired. Our first flight was 6am, which means the airport shuttle picked us up at home at 4am and we got up at 3am. And of course going to sleep at 7pm to get enough sleep was an almost impossible task!On the plane

On the upside, flights and customs were all very easy. Even though we have our Global Entry cards now, we *did* still have to pull out all our electronics and liquids at the airport because ours apparently isn’t big enough to have the TSA pre-check, though we did get to go in a separate line for safe travelers. :-/

When we got to the Cancun airport, we found out that we forgot the tool at home that lets us easily open up the sim card slots on our phones. This meant that we couldn’t switch the sims to get a connection and call our ride to let them know we were here. We finally headed towards the departures gate and found out two guys had been set to meet us, other than the woman we were expecting. Whatever! They knew our names and were looking for us and were in the vehicle she’d told us to expect, so we got in. Turns out it was her son and husband. Then we were on our way to the condo.

When we arrived, the person I had been communicating with was here to greet us and apologized for not being there at the airport. She showed us around the condo as well as a few other things but it was so hard to focus and listen well when all we wanted to do was go to sleep!

Overall the place we’re in is pretty good, mostly as expected. And from what little we’ve seen of the neighborhood, it seems very nice. I wish they’d left us more water. You can’t drink the tap water here, so that’s definitely going to have to be a priority to sort out fast.

We’re not really close to anything, so we walked to get some food and a couple of little bottles of water from a convenience store. As much as we hear that Playa is full of expats and English speakers, we didn’t see them on this first trip. And my mind was not yet ready to do exchange rates, Spanish ingredient checking, etc. I’m sure things will get better though!

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