Digging continues for basement drainage

The guys accomplished quite a bit today! The digging area has grown even bigger with more to go yet! They said it’s slow going because it’s almost entirely sand and sometimes caves in as they dig.

Things they did do today:

  • Poured a new foundation for the stairwell floor
  • Found and plumbed in a new line for the basement floor drain (old one was broken)
  • Put in the membrane, pipe and rocks for some of the foundation
  • Replaced our old basement door with the nice one that used to be on the outside
  • Mostly finished trenching a new line for the pipes. They will “daylight” down the hill

Lot’s to go, but big progress!

We watched quite a bit of it, but were trying not to spend all day spying on them. Then I noticed neighbors and others from around town were also coming to see what they were doing anyway!

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