Columbus ships and King Tut exhibit

With unschooling and worldschooling, we’re learning from the world around us and through experiences, rather than via books, tests, and other formal learning opportunities (unless requested by the learner). To help facilitate this process, I try to keep an eye out for things that might present an opportunity to be exposed to new topics. You never know what might turn into an area of interest until you give it a try!

We spent a good portion of the day yesterday in Davenport, Iowa. We saw the Columbus Ships replicas of the Pinta and Nina and then went to the Putnam museum for the King Tut exhibit. The ships were interesting, but the King Tut exhibit was amazing!! We spent a couple hours just on that and kiddo loooooved it. He even asked today if we could go again!


The antiquities were more of an interest than the history (although amazingly he did listen to almost all the commentary from the audio tour guide device), and especially the things crafted out of gold. He mentioned how he is very interested in shiny, opulent things like that and indeed it’s not the first time they’ve caught his eye.


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