Leisurely summer

Kiddo broke his arm in a bicycle accident so we’re having a bit more of a leisurely summer than we otherwise might. We have days where we do nothing but lounge, days where we’re busy with activities outside the house, and days where we’re busy inside the house! Today was one of those.


Today so far kiddo has explored parts of language (mad libs), volcanoes, codes and decoding; geography; the human body and organs, bones, muscles, systems, etc. (love the squishy human body kit!); tried finding a balance between education/work/happiness/money and learned about rent, garnished wages, banking, loans and interest (Jones and the Fast Lane game); all while watching a bunch of cartoons and youtube, picking up who knows what else! We also got some exercise walking around town, discussed “bucket list” things he wants to experience and places to visit in future, as well as cleaned up his Amazon list and caught some Pokemon. This is how we unschool And we’re only half way through our day!

Not every day is this packed with things that could be labeled educational, but this one was because he just happened to be interested in all this stuff *right now*. If I had tried to teach it on a schedule, he would have resisted or not been interested and it would have went poorly. People (not just kids) learn best when they’re interested in something for their own reasons. Yeah, it’s “summer vacation” time. Makes no difference when you’re unschooling and every day is a learning day!

We’re very privileged to spend our time this way. 🙂

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