Perfect summer weather day…

Today is what I’d consider a perfect summer weather day, something we don’t get very often in Iowa. It’s 80*F, sunny, with a nice breeze. It’s not so humid yet that everything is sticky. The wind is keeping the bugs away. The forecast for today even says “plentiful sunshine.”

However, we are not getting to enjoy it, not one single bit.

We took on a large project and it is currently overdue, in part due to circumstances beyond our control, in part because we are behind schedule, even though we did work on it while we were traveling.

Whatever the reasons, we’re stuck inside grinding away, both parents working feverishly, trying our best to just get the work done and get this new venture over the line.

Kiddo has gone outside a few times on his own, but in general is staying inside too, hanging out near us.  I’m trying hard to listen to his seemingly never ending stories about the new game concepts he has created, the minute details of character and story development, while importing and formatting website content.

No. Just no. This is NOT how this is supposed to go.

Days like this hammer home again what we are striving to avoid. My head is screaming at me that this is not right. On the few precious, perfect summer weather days like this we should not be stuck inside. We should be out there enjoying the weather, having a picnic, going sailing, playing catch, living life!

The work we do take on needs to be flexible enough for us to accommodate us taking a day off to travel,  attend special events or take advantage of nice weather days.

This working on what’s likely one of the few nice weather days out of the year bullshit? Never again.

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