Let’s go back!

We’ve only been back a few days and our family is all on the same page. We wish we were still in Mexico! The visit was too short and we are not at all enjoying the 18*F, extremely windy and blizzarding weather we’ve got going on here today.

I’m sure a lot of it is just the post vacation blues, combined with the bitter winter weather we’re having (normal for February), but we also did a check in with each other while we were there. We talked about what we missed from home and what we thought might or might not make Puerto Morelos a good place to live.

One of the things we hope to do as we travel is to see if there might be a better place for us to establish our base. I’m sure we’ll talk more about that in some future post, but for now I’lll just note that the criteria includes all sorts of random things that are of varying importance to differing members of our family. On many counts, Puerto Morelos scored pretty well.

It was particularly interesting to note that many of the issues we experience here, such as allergies, breathing issues and dry skin, were improved or gone during our time there. The humidity, warmth and sun certainly played a factor, as did the different flora and fauna.

Since we only really got to see the airport and one town, it really made us wonder what we’d think after visiting a few more. I see a trip back to Mexico in our future!

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