Worlschool summit kick off

Dad was hard at work for our first full day in Mexico, while Grandma, the kiddo and I walked from our gorgeous accommodation at Casa Tykel to the town square, about 3k. On the way we saw lots of birds (especially pelicans), some boats (including several cruise ships and catamarans), a kite surfer, and the nudist resort section of the beach (kiddo didn’t even notice). The Mexican son was hot and bright, but the weather made a nice change from Midwest wintertime.

We checked in at registration for the Project World School family summit and got our free totes and other conference materials. We saw where the kids camp was going to be held and visited a gas station to withdraw some cash, though we weren’t sure quite how much we were actually getting. We hailed a cab and used our map they’d just given us to request a visit to the Chedraui store.

Grocery shopping at the supermarket was an interesting experience! There were tons of plant based milk options (including some we’d never seen before like quinoa milk?!) and a few familiar brands and items, but we also had trouble finding and identifying some of the basics (flour = harina). We got enough groceries to last us through the week and then hailed a taxi back to the condo.

12400894_1132434563434425_4302901944399422572_nThat evening we ventured to town again with Dad and met up with the worldschoolers group for supper. We’d missed the getting to know you game, but this was the official opening get together. Our group filled the entire restaurant, with barely enough table space for everyone out in the courtyard. We registered and paid for a boat tour we wanted to take with the group the next day.

It got to be pretty loud at the restaurant for kiddo, things were wrapping up, and there was a minor accident with some of the other kids (nothing to do with us) so we decided to leave. Outside kiddo melted down as we were walking towards the taxi stand. I could tell he was hungry and tired. He was crying and told me everything was so different and it all was too much for him. It didn’t take long to calm him down. We went back and got comfy in our own space at the condo and all was OK again.

I really got a lot of Spanish practice in today. Even though I wasn’t anywhere near fluent, even the basics was a big help since the servers, taxi drivers, etc. did not speak English.

Lesson of the day, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet!! Even if they were in shoes when you went to the beach, once they’re off they’ll get burned quickly.

Snorkeling and glass bottom boat tour tomorrow bright and early!!

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