What we don’t want

This week has kicked my butt! Even though I don’t have *that* many billable hours for the week so far, it is a lot more than normal. And having the work to-do list hanging over me and all the communication that goes along with it is taking up my time and head space.

While the extra money is nice, this level of work is not sustainable without making sacrifices, and I don’t want our kiddo to be the one that bears the brunt of them. We’re obviously not neglecting him, but he is getting less attention than usual and having to keep himself occupied. Since Dad is extra busy too, between us there has been a lot of “not right now” and “maybe later” and “I just need to get this work done” or “Let me send this message quickly first.”

So this shows us what we don’t want. This is NOT what we’re going for. It kind of defeats the purpose of being together 24/7 for living, if we are stuck to our screens doing things we don’t want to be doing! When Kiddo asks about what a metaphor is, or wants my help with a sewing project, or it’s time for homeschool swim, I want to be available! That is my primary job.

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