Bring on 2016!

20162016 has started off with a bang! All of my freelance clients seem to need things at once, I’ve gotten replies to all my bids, gained a new client, had a small business I bartered with call in the favor, and am busy, busy, busy!  Meanwhile Dad’s job is also running at full speed, getting ready for their next software deployment, which means extra hours for him too.

We’re excitedly getting ready for an international trip, the first one since we attained our goal of portable income. It’s going to be a short one this time, a test run of sorts. Dad will have to work most of the time, but at least he’ll be doing it in shorts! We’re meeting up with some other worldschoolers in sunny Mexico at the end of the month for what we hope will be a nice break from the cold winter we’re experiencing here at our Midwest base. One of the grandmas is coming along too!

We have a couple of unschooling conferences scheduled for later in the year, and we’re hoping to plan at least one other major trip as well. I’m positive this is just the start of a big year to come!

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